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  •  Ideas carry energy .

Using different mediums and being curious in all materials, which I could use for a painting, provides freedom and flexibility to explore new approaches and techniques. As a result it gives the right flow of my creative process…As an artist, I seek to share inspiring ideas and make connections with others through SurfART.

  • I found the whole universe in the ocean – in other words – the dream of beauty, the place of perfect rest for my mind, body and my soul, a truly gift .
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'SurfART' 'surf illustrations'

I believe in the beauty of humanity, in the grace and kindness of every person.

Likewise that we were born with the heart full of love and power to create.


My journey is to discover my inner voice, to find the way to express my thoughts on the paper/wall, to connect me with a nature.


The state of mind. You are love. Keep the magic on going!


You are the pure energy.


Feed your spirit. Likewise grow your little garden inside. Flowers and butterflies.


The balance of mind, body, soul. The inner music and the way of living. The whole universe.

My ocean is absolutely priceless connection with a source of energy and inspiration. Similarly ocean makes me feel now, in this moment, feel so kind, feel loved. This is my endless summer.

My SurfART is inspired by simple lifestyle, nature and surf culture. I create illustrations, linocuts, originals.