Elena Grib is a self-taught artist, based in Italy.

Originally from a small village in the Siberia, Elena started to pain as she could manage to have a pencil in her hands. She studied architecture in Moscow (2008-2013), and after that she lived for several years in beautiful Portugal, charming Indonesia, exotic China and welcoming Morocco.

She likes to explore the nature and different styles and techniques, above all she wishes to create her ‘Dream Universe’. During the creation flow, by playing with colors, linocuts and lines, Elena forms her creations, where isn’t important the shape itself, but the feelings about it. Moreover her SurfART is inspired by simple lifestyle, nature and surf culture. She creates illustrations and linocuts, original paintings and much more.

. Be creatively fulfilled .

. Beauty is a philosophy inside .

.Moreover, the beauty of imperfection, raspy, broken thighs, beauty of the aging .

. Certainly simple and clean .

. Most importantly, no details too small .

. Natural color palette .

. High quality of handmade crafts .

. Inspired by real life .

. Above all, sentimental value .

I do believe in the beauty of humanity and in the grace and kindness of every person.

I feel that we were born with the heart full of love and power to create.

The ocean became my beautiful connection with a source of energy and inspiration. Certainly, ocean makes me feel now, in this moment, feel so kind, feel loved.