Elena Grib is a self-taught artist, based in Italy.

Originally from a small village in Yamal, Elena began to paint from early years. Growing up and being touched by white nights and the power of nature. She studied architecture in Moscow, then lived for several years in beautiful Portugal, charming Indonesia, exotic China, welcoming Morocco and fascinating Italy.

She likes to explore the nature and different styles and techniques, above all she wishes to create her ‘Dream Universe’. During the creation flow, by playing with colors, wood blocks and lines, Elena forms her creations, where isn’t important the shape itself, but the feelings about it. Moreover her work is inspired by simple lifestyle, nature and surf culture.


My journey is to discover my inner voice, to find the way to express my thoughts on the paper/wall, to connect me with a nature.


The state of mind. You are love. Keep the magic on going!


You are the pure energy.


Feed your spirit. Likewise grow your little garden inside. Flowers and butterflies.


The balance of mind, body, soul. The inner music and the way of living. The whole universe.