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2019 - ‘SURFART SHOW’ 09-10/2019 contemporary art show, handmade linocuts and illustrations, Surf Coffee x Most, Moscow, Russia

2019 - ‘A TASTE OF OCEAN ‘ 13/7-05/8, contemporary art, originals and illustrations, Ocean Grounds, Shanghai, China

2018 - ‘FROM OCEAN WAVES WITH LOVE’ 15/09-21/09, SurfART. Mix of handmade linocuts originals & digital illustrations, Surf Coffee & Solyanka, Moscow, Russia

2018 - ‘ENDLESS SUMMER', collection of handmade linocuts and illustrations, Surfness lodge, Peniche, Portugal

2018 - ‘SHE TO SEA’, contemporary surfart female show, Noosa Festival of Surfing, Noosa, Australia

2017 - ‘MOVEMENT OF FREEDOM’ , collection of illustrations, Surfshop Peniche, Portugal

2016 - ‘SURFART IN FINS’ , collection of hand painted fins, gallery Leça da Palmeira, Porto, Portugal

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As an artist, I seek to share inspiring ideas and make connections with others through my artworks. Find some of my illustrations, linocuts, original paintings  – in Surfshops all over the world!